Gephi 0.9.2 : a new CSV importer

A new version of Gephi has been released! Thanks to Eduardo’s relentless issue fixing, Gephi’s overall stability has been improved. Eduardo is the author of the Data Laboratory, and at this occasion he revamped its CSV importer for a more flexible and straightforward user experience.

The new CSV/spreadsheet importer

Did you know that Gephi can export and import just the table of nodes or the table of edges? This feature is useful in many situations, for instance to produce charts in Excel or to clean data in Open Refine. Below we will showcase the new features and more generally explain how to import a spreadsheet as a list of nodes.

To import a spreadsheet you have to reach the Data Laboratory and click on Import Spreadsheet. In the example below a network is already loaded: we will decide later whether the imported nodes will be merged into the existing ones or not.


Gephi is now able to recognize the type of file you upload, and the support of Excel files has been added. Choosing the right separator is crucial since improperly separated columns would compromise the data. In the example below Gephi recognized that the separator is the Comma (as in a properly formatted CSV file).


The encoding of the file is a common issue, notably with languages using accents and special characters. Gephi can guess the encoding and you can manually edit it if necessary. In the example below Gephi correctly guessed the UTF-8 encoding.


Selecting a different encoding would produce errors. Fortunately the Preview table allows you to see them and fix the encoding. In the screenshot below, see how the wrong encoding produces exotic characters in the data.


When you validate these settings, Gephi now opens the exact same panel as when you open a new network. I personally love this addition since it brings more consistency to the user experience. It allows Gephi to provide a number of useful informations like the number of nodes detected or the issues found during the import process.


Do not miss an important feature here: in this panel you decide either to create a new workspace with the imported data or to merge the new nodes with the old ones. This very useful feature was already present at the opening of a new network, but many users still ignore it exists. Mind to select the Append option if you intend to merge the nodes. In that case when an imported node has the same Id than an already present one, the new node data will override the old one.


More info

Take a look at the full list of improvements there:

How do I get this release?

  • If you have a recent Gephi, the update will be automatically proposed to you
  • If you have an older version (0.8 or before) you have to download and install manually
  • This update can be downloaded from


  1. 0.9.2 is wonderful – so fast now even on my pretty old 32-system
    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+ 2.80 GHz


  2. Although I have the latest version of Java (8), Gephi won’t open and I keep getting an error message saying cannot find Java.


  3. It is a quite rare case in y experience, when all updates are good and do not ruin anything, that I’ve loved 😉

    Here’s what I’ve made with it: (this is how Lithuanian parliament votes “for” are distributed in between the fractions, which makes coalitions (each colour – different fraction).


  4. I’ve a problem with geolayout. When I import the fil xslx with coordinate, gephy doesn’t recognize the lat and log, and I recive a problem on double format of the la t and long.


  5. Is it possible to specify a URL as the source for the csv file? We are active Gephi users, and are currently building out a Business Intelligence platform where we can expose data. We would like to pull data directly from this UI into Gephi. Is that possible?


  6. ı was using gephi 0.9. It was working without any problem..I installed the new version of gephi. (0.9.2) But ı could not import the csvfile which was imported succesfully in gephi 0.9. Whenı try to import the csv file to 0.9.2, the programme just running but cannot achieve to finish the importing process.. How can ı solve this problem?


  7. Tried it and won’t open Java problem, In the Gephi folder i clicked the Gephi64.exe and got the same message about Java prob but the gephi.exe worked. Reason?

    Best Regards


  8. I am trying to explore a network of judicial decisions with a graph in Gephi. It is rather handy but when I want to show how the nodes and the edges in the network are changing over time (whether getting more citations and thus growing) I could not make it work in the dynamique mode. I specify as a start date the time when the event occurred (the judgement was issued) and as end date (present year), I get the dynamique mode and timeline but gephi just calculates what happens with my nodes between the start and the end date. How can I make it calculate the changes of the nodes if for example start date is 1999 and end date is 2018 – what happens with the node between 1999 and 2000, 2000 and 2001, 2001 and 2002, and thus until 2018. Any suggestions are more than welcome! I am a newbie in Gephi. Thank you!


  9. Hi, I want to analyse the relationship between OTUs and soil properties. But How should I make a data table.ThX.


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