Gephi 0.10 released

Gephi 0.10.0 is here! Download it from (only patch versions auto-update, it’s intentional). This time around we focused on a few long-awaited features, while keeping our pace on code and sustainability improvements. This release improves the usability and reliability. Here are 5 highlights:

1. Quick search

Searching the graph was previously only possible within the Data Laboratory. There is now a global quick search feature that allows to find nodes and edges in the graph and highlight them. Each result can be acted upon with the same right-click operations found in the Data Laboratory. Quick search is brand new and we’re interested in your feedback as we plan to extend it in future releases.

2. Dark mode

We’ve introduced a new dark look-and-feel in a previous version but a number of components weren’t adjusted accordingly. We have fixed all of these issues and the dark mode is now fully usable.

New dark mode in Gephi

3. Support for Apple Silicon

Gephi now supports the Apple Silicon architecture. As a result, both x64 and aarch64 bundles now exist for Mac OS. The performance improvements for M1/M2 processors is substantial as Gephi can now run natively on this architecture. It loads much faster and complex operations such as layouts run smoother.

4. Preview Improvements

We shipped two major improvements to the Preview module: arrows on curved edges and node border matching the Overview style.

Directed curved edges now have arrows as well. Previously only straight edges had arrows.

Node borders style now match the one seen on Overview: darker node color and size proportional to the node’s size. The border color and size remains entirely configurable.

5. Project and Workspace Management

We reorganised how projects work in Gephi to make it easier to use and pave the way for future features.

Gephi now keeps track of all the projects you’ve worked on in a project list. It’s also now easier to give projects and workspaces names so you can organise your work better. Finally, it’s now possible to duplicate any workspace with all of its settings.

New workspace management

List of improvements

You can check our changelog in the release page:

More about this release

This release is a follow-up to the code sustainability retreat 2022. You can read our report in our last blog post. Not all the features we discussed and worked on are included in this release but it certainly served as an accelerator. We also welcomed contributions from new developers with this release, which is great to see.

Check our road map as of Summer 2021 to have a better idea of where we are going. With this release, we continued to focus on core improvements that pave the way for future big features such as the undo/redo. Specifically, the core improvements to Project Management bring us much closer to it.

Mac OS Users

Note that some users have been experiencing hangs with previous versions, at startup or when switching perspectives. We are aware of the issue and unfortunately there isn’t a complete fix or workaround available at this point. We’re still working on it and you can follow updates on this thread. With this release we hope to have mitigated the issue, while we work on a complete resolution.

As usual, please share your experience/feedback on our Facebook group or on Twitter.

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