, a new website for gexf graph format, libgexf and gexfExplorer

It’s been a while we didn’t give you some fresh news, but hopefully this fall will see great surprises for the community! First of them today, we just published a website solely dedicated to the GEXF file format and applications :

You will find :

  • clear GEXF specifications, examples and primer.
  • libgexf, the official C++ toolkit for GEXF.
  • gexfExplorer, a brand new open source Flash application created by Alexis Jacomy to visualize networks encoded in GEXF, directly in a web browser.

This website concentrates all the useful links to communicate and staying involved in these projects. They are now independent from Gephi itself, and take part of a bigger Gephi Community project.

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libgexf 0.1.1 is out!

We started the libgexf project a few months ago to help people creating, reading and writing efficiently GEXF files. Today we announce the second alpha release of this dynamic library, which brings new file validation (RelaxNG and XML-schema based) and data integrity checking (see examples)! These features provide a quick way to find and correct some mistakes or missing elements in your files. GEXF files created are also now compatible with Gephi 0.6 by using the Legacy writer. See the complete changelog here for more details.

Finally, New bindings are available for Perl5 and Java6, which increase the number of language bindings to 3 with the existing one in Python. Don’t hesitate to give us feedbacks and requests features.

Go to libgexf page

libgexf, a C++ toolkit library for GEXF file format

We released the first version of libgexf, the official toolkit library for creating and manipulating GEXF files, distributed under the MIT licence. The GEXF (Graph Exchange XML Format) format has now its dedicated project, independent from Gephi. It allows to use GEXF in daily needs for exchanging rich network data. It compiles both basic use cases like network topology and advanced features like dynamic and hierarchical networks.

This tool has been long-awaited by the community, to make the daily use of reading and producing GEXF files as easily and efficiently as we can. Forget the boring activity of reading the format specification, interpreting it correctly and implementing a solution to export your data to Gephi. Libgexf do this for you, and is up-to-date according to the GEXF specifications.

Though the library is written in C++ a variety of language bindings make it available in other environments. Libgexf currently only works on Linux systems (tested on Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04), but the portability will be increased on demand. A Python binding facility is also provided, and Perl will be added soon.

You are welcome to try it and help us improving this toolkit for your benefits! A dedicated forum section has just opened.

Go to libgexf page