Gephi updates with 0.9.1 version

splash091A new Gephi version has been released and can be downloaded from This version is an update from the 0.9.0 version released last December and mostly addresses issues discovered since.

One notable improvement is a new localization: German! Gephi is now localized in nine languages (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Czech and German) and we hope to continue the momentum on this effort in the future.


Other notable improvements include a better support for parallel edges, appending to existing workspaces and how filters are saved in .gephi files. More than 60 bugs were fixed with a majority of them reported by the community. Thanks to all users who took the time to help! The complete list of bugfixes and improvements can be found in the changelog on GitHub.

In the next few weeks we would like to focus on documentation as there’s still many features brought in the 0.9.0 version without up-to-date documentation. This is especially important for more complex features such as dynamic graphs, which got a major upgrade.

As usual, please share your experience/feedback on our Facebook group or on Twitter.


  1. Hi. First of all, thank you for Gephi. It’s really a great software!

    I have two questions about the new “Appearance” window. Is it possible to access the range of colors on ranking (as previously available on “Ranking” tab)? And the table results view? If so, where are these options?


  2. Hello!

    I have problems to start Gephi0.9.1 on Windows 10. According to the instructions I installed all java.
    After double click in the Gephi icon it starts loading but it’s stop in the middle. I waited for more than 6 hours but still did not open the program.

    I need the program for important analysis of a doctoral thesis.
    I look for help from you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for listening.

    Antonio Mendes


  3. I just re-downloaded the Gephi 0.9.1 bcoz i have a problme on import data csv format. but still it shows that i need to put “Edges table needs a ‘Source’ and ‘Target’ column iwth nodes ids. even through i put node ids.”

    pls someone help me on this matter!!



    1. Hi Paul,

      I had the same problem. Try to open the edge-file in a hex-editor. Mostly some extra bytes are hiding in the first cell which have to be removed. Then it should run.



  4. I have extracted facebook page data by Netvizz and the file format was .tab. Unfortunately, Gephi cannot read .tab files ! How can I convert .tab files to .gdf format?


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