Gephi wins Duke’s Choice Award 2010

The Duke’s Choice Awards recognize and honor extreme innovation in the world of Java technology, and are granted to the most innovative uses of the Java platform. Because the primary judging criteria is innovation, the awards put even small developer shops on an equal footing with multinational giants. The winners are selected by Oracle’s Java technology leadership team.

Congratulations to all Gephi contributors! Thank you to the Oracle’s Java Team to make Gephi a Duke’s Choice and the technology that have enabled us to build Gephi and Gephi Toolkit.

The winners will be featured at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, September 19-23rd. Gephi’s Software Architect, Mathieu Bastian will be present there to receive the award, and attend the conference!

Java provides all the components and development tools to develop large data-intensive open-source applications. Gephi is built on top of the Netbeans Platform, and profit from its module and window systems. The platform allows us to propose solutions to reuse and extend features, in terms of plug-ins, and let developers create new data wrappers, algorithms or filters easily. The rendering engine is built with JOGL (Java OpenGL) and gives responsiveness and interactivity, thanks to hardware acceleration. We use a large number of Java libraries. I would like to use the occasion to offer thanks to all contributors of these projects.

A new video that features Gephi in five minutes:

Introducing Gephi at JavaOne from gephi on Vimeo.


  1. I have just tried it. Its great!
    It could be used for NB module dependencies analysis by module dependencies or by class dependencies. It shows groups and number of joins.


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