New GraphViz DOT, CSV and UCINET formats

Gephi now supports GraphViz DOT file format. This new feature is shipped with two others: UCINET DL and CSV formats. With a broader set of input file formats, it reinforces interoperability between tools and allows Gephi to be found effective on different problems. Tabular data and other delimited text files are now supported through the CSV (comma-separated values) importer. Two columns which represents relationships between elements can now easily be pushed to Gephi.

Note that DOT support is still incomplete. Subgraphs, shapes and some attributes are not supported for the moment. Please report on the forum or bug tracker any issue you found using these new features.

To have these features, just update your Gephi application. In Gephi, go to Help > Check for Updates.

Consult the datasets page to find sample networks.

Documentation has been completed for these three new formats: