Try Gephi 0.7

Before any further announcement about the new 0.7 version, welcome to new Gephi website, an outstanding improvement for the community. The new version 0.7alpha has been uploaded on our server today at midnight. You can download it and start playing with it now.

We would be grateful if you could send us as many feedbacks as possible, about features, bugs and usability.

To start spread Gephi, you can already visit this page. However more materials will come soon, like a feature-madness video and more screenshots.

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Gephi 0.7 is coming…

screenshot_960Howdy! The Gephi Team is proud to announce that the new Gephi 0.7 alpha version will be release very very soon! This will lead to a complete shift for the community, making Gephi the network visualization and manipulation software we dreamed 3 years ago, when the project started at WebAtlas NGO in France.

During the next weeks, we’ll publish a serie of blog posts to tell you more about the project history and the evolutions brought by the next release (one clue: we built it on NetBeans Platform…). Stay connected with us on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

Go to this page to view the detailed screenshot and register to be notified by email: