Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems Perspective

The European Science Foundation (ESF), in partnership with COST is organising the following conference:

Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems Perspective

Hotel Villa del Mare, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy
2-7 October 2010

Chair: Romualdo Pastor-Satorras – Departament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear (FIB), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ES
Co-Chair: Claudio Castellano – CNR-ISC (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi) and Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Universitá di Roma, IT

The digital revolution and the advent of the Internet are transforming the way we work, how we spend our free time. These phenomena are also changing how we communicate with each other and the way in which we establish and maintain our social relations. The relationship between Internet and society is complex and bidirectional, leading to a co-evolution of the two systems. In fact, the Internet exists because humans need networking and the Internet evolution is ultimately driven by our ever-increasing use of it.
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