Call for participants: Gephi code sustainability retreat 2022

We are organizing a second code sustainability retreat (check the first one), and we are looking for Java developers willing to contribute to Gephi’s core codebase over the next few years. It will be one of the two tracks of a broader event, the Gephi Week, the other one being dedicated to the question of visualizing community structure in networks (we will make a dedicated post for that).

Our goal: Make Gephi’s codebase sustainable, and beyond this, recruit a team of developers into the project.

When: 29 August to 2 September (one week, Monday to Friday)

How long: 4 to 5 days. Let’s see how travel goes for everyone.

Where: In Paris, France.

How many participants: We aim at about 5 Java developers, not counting the Gephi core team (~3 people).

Funding: We pay for travel and accommodation thanks to the sponsoring of the SoBigData++ project. We will also offer a small compensation for your time and effort (~100€/day).

What we will do during the retreat: Our lead developer will share knowledge about the codebase. We will get an overview of the state of Gephi, set up a more technical road map (identify the main challenges, decide of the best course of action) and code part of it – in short, we will push the cart further. Furthermore, we will get to know each other better and have some good time together.

Send an email to the organiser

What’s next: We will probably meet you online for a quick talk and check that we are on the same page. If too many people apply, we will make a choice and inform you of the result. We will deal with travel and accommodation, and then meet you in Paris!

Feel free to ask if you have any question (to the email above, in comments, or via Twitter to @Gephi).

To know more about this, you can check the report to the Gephi code sustainability retreat 2021.

This event is supported by the European Union – Horizon 2020 Program under the scheme “INFRAIA-01-2018-2019 – Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities”, Grant Agreement n.871042, “SoBigData++: European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics” (

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