Gephi 0.9.3

Gephi 0.9.3 is here! Download it from No crazy new features, but many improvements and bug fixes. Here are 5 highlights:

1. No more Java installation required.

Gephi is installed on top of Java, so you had to install it before Gephi. On some computers, a bug related to theJava path caused the infamous “Cannot find Java 1.8” issue. This does not happen anymore, as you do not have to install Java anymore! It is packaged with Gephi.

2. New look and feel

Gephi now has a flat look and feel. This is much better for Linux users, as well as some Mac users who had issues with the appearance (one did not see which tab was selected etc.).

3. New community detection algorithm via statistical inference

Tiago Peixoto attended the code sustainability retreat 2021 and we implemented a version of his approach to community detection. It uses the same convergence heuristic as the Louvain algorithm (“modularity” in Gephi), also looks for assortative structures, but optimizes a different criterion, based on Bayesian inference.

You can look at Tiago’s blog for more information about it, or the two papers it is based on:

4. GEXF 1.3

The file format often used with Gephi, GEXF, has been updated to 1.3. This version is more mature and reliable than the previous one, and is implemented in Gephi. Check the announcement for the final specification there:

5. High DPI screens

High resolution screens are mainstream. We corrected a number of issues to fully support them.

List of improvements

You can check our changelog in the release page:

For plugin maintainers

Check a specific announcement about your plugin right there:

More about this update

This update is a follow-up to the code sustainability retreat 2021. You can read our report in our last blog post. Not all the features we discussed and worked on are included in this update. We are working on it, but it’s just better to release updates as soon as usable improvements are ready.

Check our road map as of Summer 2021 to have a better idea of where we are and where we go. We are still working on big features such as a new graphic engine and the infamous undo feature.

We will also have a code sustainability retreat in 2022 with funded travel and accommodation, if you are interested in contributing to Gephi. We will almost certainly hold it the week of the 29th of August. A call for participation will come soon.

As usual, please share your experience/feedback on our Facebook group or on Twitter.


  1. Grt going guys.
    Gephi need to be susutain and maintain. It’s really powerful tool you guys have developed. Keep that effort on


  2. With this update Gephi (0.9.4) keeps crashing.. Is there anything I can do?
    I have a Macbook pro with Chip M1 max of 32Bs


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