rgexf: An R library to work with GEXF graph files


george_picture-100x100George Vega is an economist working at the Chilean Pension Supervisor and cofounder of nodoschile.org. His research interests are Statistical Computing, HPC, Complex Systems and Public Policy.

The first R library to work with GEXF files, rgexf allows both writing (exporting) and reading (importing) .gexf files.


  • Writing and reading GEXF files
  • Writing dynamic graphs
  • Writing graphs with attributes (boolean, numeric, char)
  • Writing graphs with VIZ attributes (color, size, shape)
  • Building GEXF graphs from scratch (node/edge by node/edge)

rgexf is written in such a way that it is not necessary to have knowledge about XML.

Some examples:

# Installing from CRAN and loading
install.packages("rgexf", dependencies=TRUE)

# Reading lesmiserables graph (and summarizing)
lesmiserables <- read.gexf("http://gephi.org/datasets/LesMiserables.gexf")

# Building a GEXF class object (includes data frames of nodes/edges +
# XML representation of it) from two two-column data.frames
mygraph <- write.gexf(nodes=people, edges=relations)

# Exporting to some place
print(mygraph, output="mygraph.gexf", replace=TRUE)

# Creating a GEXF object from scratch (and adding a node)
mynewgraph <- new.gexf.graph()
mynewgraph <- add.gexf.nodes(mynewgraph, id=1, label="George")

The source code plus more examples can be found on the project website.

For suggestions, bug reports or support (any) ask me through Twitter @gvegayon or just write me an email to george [dot] vega [at] nodoschile [dot] org

George Vega Yon


  1. I think there is a problem with adding the labels to the gexf output, as suggested by the following:

    > library(rgexf)
    Loading required package: XML
    > nodes=data.frame(cbind(c(1,2),c(“aa”,”bb”)))
    > edges=data.frame(cbind(c(1),c(2)))
    > nodes
    X1 X2
    1 1 aa
    2 2 bb
    > edges
    X1 X2
    1 1 2
    > write.gexf(nodes, edges)

    A graph file writing in R using “rgexf”
    gexf graph, NodosChile, R, rgexf


  2. i am having a hard time installing from CRAN. is there a particular repository mirror i should use? what version of R do I need?


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