The GSoC rocket launched

GSoC_2012_logo_250pxThe Google Summer of Code 2012 has officially started! The results have been announced by Google. Congratulations to the students who join the Gephi project:

  • Eduardo Espinoza – Legend Module in Preview
  • Romain Yon – Cloud Gephi
  • Taras Klaskovsky – Force Directed Edge Bundling algorithm
  • Vikash Anand – Statistics Reports and HTML5 Charts
  • Min WU – Interconnect Graph Streaming API and GraphStream

You put a lot of attention on doing the bests applications and demonstrate great motivation in addition to strong technical skills. We are very excited to work with you guys!

This year we are also honored to count on world-class researchers as mentors: Yoann Pigné is an Assistant Professor at the university of Le Havre, France, and is a leader of the GraphStream project. We will co-mentor the Graph Streaming project with André Panisson, our former Google Summer of Code student. André got his Ph.D. recently, and authored the video of the Egyptian Revolution on Twitter. Finally, Christian Tominski, who mentored the Preview refactoring last year, will mentor the Force Directed Edge Bundling project. He is a Lecturer and Researcher at the Institute for Computer Science at the University of Rostock. He has authored several articles in the field of information visualization.

Former Google Summer of Code students will also mentor and advise students, like Luiz Ribeiro.

The Summer Timeline:

* Until May 21: Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.
* May 21: Students starts to code
* July 13: Mid-term evaluation
* August 24: Final evaluation

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