Gephi meet-up #4 in Berlin

user-group_smallInformation Epidemics with Gephi by Dmitry Paranyushkin / Nodus Labs

Large groups of people can drastically change their opinion, adopt a completely unexpected trend, come out to protest on a square, adopt a certain ideology, have an amazing time at a party, or start using a certain product on mass scale. While all these social phenomena are diverse, one thing in common is that they involve information dissemination that happens in a synchronized way, evoking a certain response from the population at once.

In this workshop I will demonstrate how epidemic theories from network science can be used to study information contagion and trend/rumor propagation (so-called information cascades). We will use real examples from Facebook and Twitter, as well as Gephi software to visualise the sample data.

You will learn what groups to target when planning effective marketing campaigns, how promote your news to the top of the feed on Facebook, generate and seed trends in social networks. You will also find out how information becomes viral and what one can do in order to increase the message’s contagious potential.

The workshop will be held in English and German.

To sign up:

Date: 16th of February, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Place: betahaus, 19-20 Prinzessinnenstr (U8: Moritzplatz), 4th floor Arena hall


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