New Gephi Toolkit release, based on 0.8 beta

Gephi Toolkit on TruthyA new release of the Gephi Toolkit arrived, based on the 0.8 beta version. Download the latest package, including Javadoc and demos by clicking on the link below.

Download Gephi Toolkit

It includes all features and bugfixes the 0.8 beta version has. Check out the Release Notes

Demos available on the Toolkit Portal have been adapted when necessary and tested. If you are interested in using plug-ins from the Toolkit, checkout How to use plug-ins with the Toolkit.

One of the exciting new feature released in the 0.8 beta is the new Preview. Because it has been completely rewritten with a much simpler and powerful API it’s now possible to reuse the Processing-based applet in other applications. You can now reproduce the zoom-and-pan experience in Gephi’s Preview tab in other Java applications easily. Checkout this demo to learn more.


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