Translate Gephi in your language

If you want to contribute to the Gephi project, you can greatly help us on translating the Gephi user interface. Lots of people are not ease with English. The goal of our localization program is to distribute Gephi also in French, Spanish (available since Gephi 0.8alpha) and other languages the community will ask for. In Gephi, simply go to Tools -> Languages to switch.

Getting started is very simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Transifex.
  2. Ask to be part of a Translation Team.
  3. If no team is set for your language, please ask to create one here.
  4. When accepted, start translating it!

We launched the system this weekend, and people already started to translate in Portuguese, Arabic and Russian!

Note: when you start to translate a resource, Transifex grants you a “write lock” on it for 48h. It means that you will be the only one able to edit this resource in your language during this period, thus avoiding conflicts.

Read the forum thread to get involved.

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