Nodus Labs joins the Gephi Consortium

The Gephi Consortium is the non-profit organization (NGO) that help the Gephi community to grow. We are pleased to welcome Nodus Labs as an associate company!

Founded by Dmitry Paranyushkin, Nodus Labs is a creative bureau dedicated to researching communities, communication, and human interfaces through the frameworks of complexity theory, network science, and artistic practice. They develop ThisIsLike.Com – an online mnemonic network that can be used by anyone to retain and share their knowledge and and regularly do talks on analyzing one’s social networks, creating strong temporary communities, and write research on sustainable communities structures mainly for the arts field.

We actively use Gephi in our work and are dedicated to helping develop and publicize this software as we believe it’s a great user-friendly tool that can help people tackle such a difficult but omnipresent subject as networks in such an easy way. And it’s totally pleasure to use!

They will start a Gephi User Group in Berlin, please contact Dmitry to know more. The events will be announced on the Gephi blog.


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