Slides of the ICWSM Gephi tutorial

Sébastien Heymann and Julian Bilcke gave yesterday the official Gephi tutorial at the ICWSM conference, in Barcelona. The International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media is a unique forum that brings together researchers from the disciplines in computer science, linguistics, communication, and the social sciences. The broad goal of ICWSM is to increase understanding of social media in all its incarnations. This is also a special conference for us because we introduced Gephi for the first time 2 years ago, at the 3rd ICWSM conference.

Thought the tutorial was not recorded, you’ll find here the slides of the tutorial.

This month about 80 people were trained to Gephi thanks to the fundings we receive at our non-profit organization, the Gephi Consortium: 40 people at ICWSM, but also 20 people at UKSNA and 20 people at the French Complex System summer school. We will have our next talk at ECCS, the European Conference on Complex Systems. Looking forward to see you there!

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