Gephi 0.8alpha released

The latest version of Gephi has been released today, download it for Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms. Focus has again been made on stability with more than 80 bug fixes, and performance improvements. Thanks to users who reported bugs, that always makes the difference.

The team will now focus on the Google Summer of Code. Have a look at the exciting projects developed this summer. We are also willing to help as much as possible plug-ins developers to get things done and improve documentation.

Because it’s a major release, changes are not deployed through the AutoUpdate, you need to download and install the new version. Plug-ins also need to be checked for compatibility. They will reappear on the Plugin Center in the coming days, as they are verified.

Consult the release notes and the new Javadoc for more information.

Features highlight


Localization is coming with this release, with French and Spanish! In Gephi, simply go to Tools -> Languages to switch.

You speak German, Russian or Italian? All three? Localization need your help, show up on the Forum to get started.

Email spigot

Now import emails from files or servers and look at communication networks. Spigots in Gephi are more advanced way to import networks, look for ‘Import Spigots’ in the File menu. Using wizards to configure settings, new spigots like Twitter or New York Times API are available as plug-ins.

New And Noteworthy

* GEXF 1.2 support (partial)
* Add Neighbour Filter
* Improve support of meta-edges in Statistics and Filters
* Improve usability of Filters
* Edge weight option in PageRank, which can now be used by the algorithm
* Duplicate workspaces (Edit Menu)
* Graph files now supports GZ compression
* Better Filters support in .gephi files
* VNA Import


* Label Adjust algorithm 3 times faster
* Saving/Loading projects is faster and use less memory

Bug fixes

* Windows installer should not require admin privileges (bug 663337)
* Cancelled Vector Export Disabled “File” Menu (bug 728871)
* Misformated SQL-Server JDBC url (bug 745414)
* Partition Filter Loses Categories As Subfilter (bug 726107)
* Workspace name does not increment (bug 711185)
* Ranking Color can’t be changed on OSX (bug 737727)
* Filter panel not cleared after query removed (bug 737992)
* Ego Filter “with self” option doesn’t work with depth > 1 (bug 671007)
* Maximum Degree Range Doesn’t Update on Subfilter (bug 725688)
* Cannot save and reload dynamic network as project (bug 709270)
* GDF exports attributes when option is disabled (bug 735927)
* Rename “Edit” menu to “Workspaces”? (bug 735475)
* Data laboratory context menu takes too much time to appear when a lot of nodes are selected (bug 735721)
* export svg/pdf with no edges causes NPE (bug 693789)
* Can’t import the same file twice in Welcome window (bug 598157)
* Graph Window in Overview Tab Fails to Load (bug 659773)
* Timeline appears first wrong when timeformat=”date” (bug 709234)
* Filter query not saved when Filter button is active (bug 671004)
* GEXF option doesn’t work(bug 709235)
* Ego Network Filter Searches for Substring, Does Not Match Value (bug 726114)
* Label text settings not saved in .project (bug 660205)
* saved preset for layouts creates several instances (bug 612848)
* Partition colors in Filters are different from those in Partition (bug 616037)
* import of pajek net has floating pt problem (bug 619893)
* NullPointerException on saving project (bug 622154)
* Name of currently opened file not updated after a “save as” (bug 629374)
* Labels are not hidden on Preview (bug 654006)
* Chaining Dynamic Filter (bug 654018)
* NullPointerException on importing CSV data in Data Laboratory (bug 654030)
* Statistics report not refreshed after a new execution (bug 654036)
* Maximum lock count exceeded error when running Label Adjust (bug 655544)
* GEXF export: missing attvalues element (bug 655975)
* Can’t use ranking label transformers with toolkit (bug 656172)
* GEXF export: attribute definitions exported even if Attributes option is unchecked (bug 656276)
* Preview throws an Exception with negative edges (bug 656955)
* Closeness centrality chart empty with normalized values (bug 658361)
* Statistics fail to work on a hierarchy level different from the leaves (bug 658394)
* Exported Data Table doesn’t use sorted columns (bug 658816)
* Importing a TIME_INTERVAL column in Data Laboratory CSV import doesn’t enable dynamic features (bug 659017)
* Error when using filter export features and filtering off (bug 659229)
* Exception when using flatten filter (bug 659270)
* GDF export generates invalid files (bug 660200)
* Wrong color type exported in GraphML (bug 660356)
* GEXF exporter doesn’t export the label if they are the same as the id (bug 660382)
* Tool Selection tooltip under the graph window (bug 660459)
* Column settings in Data Lab are not saved in .project (bug 660469)
* Data Lab filter not executed when changing the column (bug 660471)
* Data Lab: column used by node filter is automatically reset (bug 660517)
* Personalized color of a specific partition is rolled back (bug 660529)
* DOT importer ignores edge weight and .gv file extension (bug 661257)
* Exceptions when importing mixed graph (bug 662488)
* Error on selecting nodes from filter if graph window not shwn at startup (bug 663561)
* Blank preview screen (bug 664300)
* Edge text not visible on preview with other attributes (bug 664444)
* Data does not appear on nodes table (bug 667440)
* saving a project uses too much memory for large graphs (bug 672071)
* Data Lab: search/replace only on a given column (bug 676087)
* Workspace number incremented by opening a new project (bug 681038)
* Filter “out degree range” does not work (bug 681184)
* NullPointerException on exporting dynamic GEXF file with Toolkit (bug 686432)
* Wrong relative betweenness (bug 687267)
* graphml generated syntax is incorrect (bug 688678)
* Import Report freezes when the number of issues or logs is too high (bug 688865)
* Filters fail to work on a hierarchy level different from the leaves (bug 691278)
* Wrong edge count in Context Panel with hierarchies (bug 692225)
* RepaintCell exception on Mac OS X (bug 692379)
* Exceptions when group/ungroup from Partition after delete (bug 692382)
* GML importer don’t process ‘weight’ column as weight (bug 703877)
* Degree doesn’t take edge weight into account (bug 703933)
* Edge attribute values not imported from graphml file (bug 707390)
* PageRank not for weighted networks (bug 715621)
* Data Lab: boolean column edition facility (bug 717869)
* Exception on Delete Column if sorted by this column (bug 719987)
* Data Lab: edge rows not displayed when the hierarchy level /= 0 in Overview (bug 720033)
* Java Null Pointer when using Merge Columns (bug 722287)
* Open Recent files doesn’t work with project files (bug 734105)
* Timeline disappears after saving project.gephi file (bug 695558)
* Exception on Visualization Settings if opened before Overview (bug 734117)
* Database import is not cancelable (bug 734126)
* ‘A task is still executing’ error after cancelling a custom importer, not LongTask (bug 734132)
* Edge weight slider not refreshed between workspaces (bug 731599)
* Exception on New workspace after deleting last workspace (bug 735273)
* Colors not imported in Pajek Net format (bug 530028)

To 0.8 beta and beyond

Following the Gephi Manifesto, we continue our way to the release 1.0 with goals sets in the Roadmap. You can speed up our progresses in many ways whatever the time you can give: few minutes to  report a bug, some hours to fix one or to translate the user interface, some weeks to create a plug-in…you will be always greatly welcomed!

Do Gephi technologies matter for your research or business? You can support us by donating to the Gephi Consortium, or becoming a member to have an impact on our roadmap.

Proud to be part of the Gephi Community? On our fresh new store you can buy mugs, T-shirts and more to show it!

man woman mug

Go to the Gephi store

The stores sells in Europe (EUR). To get a tee-shirt in the US, check our official Gephi tee-shirt.

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    sorry, that I post it here, but I want to tell you, that you cannot register at the forum anymore:
    When you fill out the form and press “submit”, you will get the same form again, but this time without confirmation code.
    If you hit “submit” again, the form complains, that you did not fill in the confirmation code.

    Does anybody else have this problem?



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