For holidays, fund a new Gephi feature

The Gephi project is always eager to experiment new kinds of tool to foster the community growth. We recently discovered Fundry and are very enthusiast to propose a try!

Fundry is a crowdfunding platform that helps developers get paid for developing new features, and enables a community of funders to contribute to get the features they want. Win win.

Read this page to learn how it works.

The features we propose are four Export plug-ins to GML, Pajek NET, Ucinet DL and Netdraw VNA formats. This is typically the kind of feature the Gephi core developers don’t have time to work on, but are still important because users should have the ability to switch on different tools according to their needs. So if interoperability matters to you, we invite you to donate as it will help to find new developers to implement them.


Go to Fundry