1st Gephi workshop held at Vienna University of Technology

The first Gephi workshop was held on November 6 & 7, during a course on collaborative work at Vienna University of Technology in Austria. During these two days, Lukas Zenk and Sébastien Heymann introduced Gephi-aided Social Network Analysis to 70 students mostly in Computer Science.

The goals of the first day were to get students:

  • Think about different kind of networks like one can see on the beautiful VisualComplexity website.
  • Discover what kind of questions could be asked by using networks to model data, and the corresponding metrics. We used some presentations of Lada Adamic‘s course on networks as a support, demonstrated using Gephi.
  • Learn how to visualize and analyze their own Facebook networks, so they can compare and criticize the results regarding their intimate knowledge of their friendship neighborhood. They installed Netvizz on their Facebook account, an application made by Bernhard Rieder, and followed the tutorial provided by Sociomantic Lab.

The second day was an open session (un)organized to let people mix up and generate new ideas of studies, applications and developments around Gephi. Groups will work on their projects until January. Most of them will do data analysis, and some are motivated to use the Gephi Platform to develop prototypes or to contribute to the source code. Examples of ideas for students are available on the Student Program page. I invite everybody from the Gephi Community to welcome and help them as most as you can!

This workshop was the first step of an initiative driven by the Gephi Consortium that aims to offer academics and professionals a Gephi training program with high quality standards. Anonymous feedbacks were collected at the end so the next one will be improved, even with a majority of very positive replies!

Contact us to request a workshop in your company or university.



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