Gephi donation campaign ended

Thank you for your support!

During the last 9 months you donated over €700 to the Gephi NGO. This helped us to pay the Web server. Now this campaign is over, but you can still continue to help! The Gephi NGO has been transformed to the Gephi Consortium, and you can support our activity.

While all of the administrative effort is currently through unpaid volunteers, our expenses include:

  • Server costs
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Normal office expenses
  • Marketing and PR.

Your sponsorship will allow the Gephi Consortium to meet these expenses as well as expand our capability to maintain our leadership in the developer and Open Source communities. Funding will allow us to enhance our community outreach, set up development programs, student challenges and user groups, and perform non-code related improvements to projects such as better documentation and more comprehensive websites.

We regularly participate in conferences and events: JavaOne, IEEE Eurovis, INSNA Sunbelt, International Design Biennale…but also help teaching (social) network analysis at the university. This year, the Gephi Consortium and our sponsor INIST-CNRS spent jointly more than €8,000 in registration fees and travel reimbursements. Gephi was presented that way to different communities and we met very interesting people. Contact us to organize a Gephi workshop in your company or university!

If you think that our actions are useful, consider also to make a donation.


Click here to lend your support to: Support Gephi Consortium and make a donation at !

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