Gephi has a Student Program

mini-300x260 The Gephi project now has a Student Program. The idea is simple: propose various tasks adapted to computer science students and help them to create Gephi plug-ins. Inspired by the Google Summer of Code and our own experience as students, the program offers original ideas and a real open-source experience.

Computer science students are usually asked to complete many small projects during their studies, often by group. We want to propose original projects, which the result can easily be packaged as a plug-in and shared. Graphs and networks are at the heart in variety of problems, including Graph Theory, Sociology, Data Mining, Statistics or HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). The ability to visualize and manipulate graph structures in a simple way is central to understand these problems. Moreover, what a best way to learn graph theory than code on of its algorithm?

The wiki page will maintain an (open) list of ideas and projects. For each student interested, we will provide some help to get things done and promote his project. We are also thinking about free tee-shirts for all students.

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