A Google Map for the Gephi Community

Gephi is now an international community, and thanks to the Internet we can exchange at distance through the forum, mailing-lists and live chat.

However IRL meetings are still very important, as great collaborations can start with a beer! It’s the secret part of the Gephi history

So we set up a Google Map for the Gephi community to claim our locations and therefore help organizing local meetings. Internet makes communication easy but it’s always better to have real meetings to help each other and exchange our experiences in data analysis with Gephi face-to-face! Discover if a Gephi supporter lives in San Francisco, Warszawa or Tōkyō.

Please contribute and add the information you want: this map is publicly editable for your own use.

How to organize a meeting?

  1. Put a marker on the map to set the place of meeting and detailed information.
  2. Contact the local members you find on the map.
  3. Inform us on the forum by giving details on the event location and date.
  4. We advertise your event through the Gephi official blog and social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



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