Gephi Toolkit released, based on 0.7beta

toolkitarticleexample1-300x211 The 0.7beta version of Gephi has been released last week. It is today the Gephi Toolkit release, based on the latest codebase. Download the latest package, including Javadoc and demos by clicking on the link below.

It includes all features and bugfixes the 0.7beta version has. Therefore it is possible to use dynamic networks and new Data Laboratory features from the Gephi Toolkit.

Two new demos are available from the Toolkit Portal:

  • Import Dynamic – How to import several static files and transform them into longitudinal network
  • Dynamic Metric – How to execute a metric (ex: Average Degree) for each slice of a dynamic network

Links you may be interested:

Since it’s launch in July, the Gephi Toolkit has been used in various use cases for graph visualization. Recently, the Indiana University launched Truthy, a system to analyze and visualize the diffusion of information on Twitter. Truthy uses the Gephi Toolkit for layout.

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