Gephi at JavaOne 2010

Gephi is one of the Duke’s Choice Award winners this year and has therefore be kindly invited to attend the JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

The project has been featured in the Mason Street tent during the five days of the conference. Moreover, Mathieu Bastian (Gephi’s Software Architect) presented Gephi during the Java Frontier Keynote as a brilliant example of Java innovation. Mathieu provided a short demo using a longitudinal Java dependency graph, the classes in the Java package from Java 1.2 to Java 6. The keynote was introduced by Ray Kurzweil, who insisted on the vast amount of data, the “Petabyte Age” and the need to process, analyze and extract value from it.

You can watch the video of the Gephi presentation online (go to topic 36). EDIT: now on Vimeo in HD!

Mathieu Bastian presenting a live demo of Java packages evolutions at JavaOne 2010 conference.



The project has been also mentioned in the following articles:

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