Gephi 0.7 alpha4 released

The alpha4 version has just been released, check out Download page or Check for Updates in your Gephi. This release comes with new features, including PDF export and bugfixes. Thank you to all members that reported bugs on the forum or through the Crash reporter, that helps a lot, more than you think!

Many bugs have been fixed, including the Menubar problem on Mac OS X and some annoying filters issues.

Let’s have a look on what’s new, and read the complete release notes.

PDF Export

The built-in PDF Exporter is now fully working. It exports the network exactly how it’s displayed in the “Preview” window. We have been impressed how fast it’s processing and exporting. One can configure the page size and margins, in addition to the orientation. Thus you can directly export your network and embed or print it anywhere. Note that texts in PDF are searchable, very useful. Special thanks to Jeremy Subtil who worked on his free time on this feature.

GraphML Export

Files in GraphML format can now be exported from Gephi. Interoperability is very important and the GraphML format is well known and supported in other tools such NodeXL, igraph or NetworkX. We hope that we reach interoperability with these tools and that we use GraphML in the same way. If not, please let us know.

Ego Network

A new filter has been created, it let’s you filter the graph from a node at depth 1, 2, 3 or Max. Enter a node label and the depth and it shows the network around this node.

Other new features in this release

  • CSV export – Export adjacency list and matrix
  • New LabelAdjust algorithm, faster and better quality. Thanks to Mathieu Jacomy.
  • Watts-Strogatz Small World Generator

Interested by being a Gephi official tester? Please consider joining the community.

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