The GSoC rocket launched

The Google Summer of Code 2010 is officially launched! Results have been announced by Google yesterday. Congratulations to the students that are joining Gephi project:

  • André Panisson – Graph Streaming API
  • Antonio Patriarca – Shader Engine
  • Cezary Bartosiak – Dynamic attributes and statistics
  • Christopher Kelvin Lee – Force-Directed Edge Bundling
  • Martin Škurla – Adding support for Neo4j in Gephi
  • Yi Du – Direct Social Networks Import

You put a lot of attention on doing the bests applications and demonstrate great motivation in addition to strong technical skills. We are very excited to work with you guys!

The Summer Timeline:

* Until May 24: Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.
* May 24: Students starts to code
* July 16: Mid-term evaluation
* August 16: Pencils down

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