Gephi 0.7 alpha3 released

A new alpha version has been released in the night. It mostly includes latest bug fixes and small features developed. Thanks to users that reported issues on the forum or through the embedded crash reporter. Remaining issues will be fixed in a upcoming updates and future versions.

Changes were also deployed throught the AutoUpdate feature. Go to Help > Check for Updates in Gephi.

New features

  • Welcome screen, with recent opened files and samples.
  • CSV Importer. Import adjacency lists.
  • UCINET DL files importer. Import edge lists and full matrix.
  • DOT Import. Import DOT GraphViz files. Support directed, undirected, labels and colors only. No subgraph support.
  • Better memory starvation detection .

Check releases notes and download latest version. Please uninstall previous versions before.

This version includes a welcome screen, with samples graph file:

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