Gephi and Neo4j graph database propose a joint GSoC project

Annoucement! Gephi is adding a new GsoC proposal: Adding support for Neo4j in Gephi

Neo4j is an open-source graph database that scales to billions of nodes and relationships. The stable 1.0 version has been released in February this year and is widely appreciated for variety of problems where relational databases are unqualified. Neo4j is therefore part of the growing NoSQL movement and is getting a lot of attention.

There is huge interest of visualizing Neo4j graphs and Gephi is suited for this task due to its performance and modularity. With graph data in Neo4j and a nice plug-in, Gephi could deal to larger graphs and overcome the traditionnal memory limit.

Students can start present themselves and apply for this proposal. Mentoring will be done by both Neo4j and Gephi team members. Deadline is April 9 so there is still enough time!

The Gephi team is excited about collaborating with Neo4j community!

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