Video: Introducing Gephi 0.7

Introducing Gephi 0.7 from gephi on Vimeo.

This is a “madness” screencast overview of brand new Gephi 0.7. Turn on the sound, go on Vimeo to see it in HD, and enjoy!

The video highlights the following features:

* grouping: Group nodes into clusters and navigate in multi-level graphs.
* multi-level layout: Very fast layout algorithm that coersen the graph to reduce computation.
* interaction: Highlight neighbors and interact directly with the visualization when using tools.
* partitionning: Use data attributes to colorize partitions and communities.
* ranking: Use degree, metrics or data attributes to set nodes/edges’ color and size.
* metrics: Run various algorithm in one click and get HTML report page.
* data laboratory: Data table view with search feature.
* dynamics: Use Timeline to explore dynamic graphs.
* filtering: Dynamic queries, create and combine a large set of filters.
* auto update: The application is updating itself it’s core and plugins.
* vectorial preview: Switch to the preview tab to put the final touch before explorting in SVG or PDF.

Video License:
Creative Commons By-NC-SA
Creative Commons By-NC-SA

Music Credits:
Feather Drug – Mysteries – Album Beta test V0.1


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