Gephi’s 100-Day Plan

Gephi team is very proud to announce 0.7 version of the software, after almost one year of hard, yet passionate work. You can download and try the alpha version with various datasets. Please give us all feedback on our new forum.

Gephi is turning now in a fully collaborative free software project, as its software architecture allows collaborative development. The 0.7 project was a complete rewriting of the code in a modular way. Features were spitted in modules that can be developed and managed by different developers more easily. The Google Summer of Code 09 was a perfect way to experience our architecture. The modules developed at that time are now fully integrated in the 0.7alpha release. We plan to have many developers interested by creating plugins for Gephi. We oriented our new website in that way, have a look on the Plugin Center. Plugins could be anything, from a new layout algorithm to the connector that build graphs from your enterprise data. If you’re interested, please join the discussion on the forum.

We hope to collaborate with the entire community to help drive network visualization forward. Gephi’s aim is not only proposing unseen features, but above all build a professional tool that works and serve community’s needs.

Official 100-Day plan, presented as top priorities first

  • Fix all reported bugs and improve usability. The 0.7 beta version will be released.
  • Fill users’ Quick Start guide and create a simple tutorial how to use Gephi.
  • Documentation, documentation and more documentation.
  • Make a feature-madness video, to let people know us.
  • Create tutorial pages for plugin development. At least layout, metrics and import.
  • Fill the Plugin Portal documentation on the wiki.
  • Create a Manifest and fill “Goals and Aims” on the website. Share our passion for graph visualization and highlight most challenging tasks.
  • Start Gephi Student Program, by proposing a set of programming tasks that can be managed in a semester or a quartile by computer science students.
  • Post blog articles about our approach and how Gephi is different (and great!).
  • Reorganize 0.7 specifications and build a clear roadmap and a discussion space for future developments. Invite people to join the specification team.
  • Finish documenting Gephi’s API.
  • Give more insight which dataset Gephi can deal with, get closer from users’ needs by learning which networks they wants to visualize and support them in this task.

Please consider joining us for achieving these tasks! See the wiki.

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