Meeting agenda

Did you ever wanted to meet some of us and having a talk around a hot and tasty coffee? You can find Mathieu or me (Sebastien) on these coming public events:

  • November 17 at UTC (Compiegne Institute of Technology) in Compiègne France: graph visualization session given during the course of web mining and distributed information technologies.
  • November 20 at ISCC (Institute of Communication Studies of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)) in Paris, France: “Mapping web territories: the nanotechnology universe”, a debate on medias and controversies. Link[fr].
  • November 25-27 at SISC’09 (French Symposium on Complex Systems) in Paris, France: we’ll have a poster for presenting Gephi software and community.
  • November 27 at OCIM (French Office for Museographic Cooperation and Information) meeting in Dijon, France: talk on web mapping issues and practical uses.
  • December 1-2 at Online Information in London, UK: presentation of Diseasome, in mission for INIST-CNRS (Please request an appointment here).

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