GSOC Mid-term

Google SOC LogoGoogle summer of code 09 students are nowadays all working hard and are deeply involved in their topics. It’s a real pleasure for me to see things going well and code committed to our repository. Modular architecture makes things easier, as students can work independently on their module. Proposals have been made a bit in that way, it was necessary as the core architecture is evolving in the same time. That’s my job! I’m also learning a lot, about code sharing practices and module reuse.

More than anything else, communication in the team is responsible for success. We want contributors to feel comfortable in the community, free to propose and feel proud of their work. All four students have blogs where they post details about their progress and sum up future development. It’s a good source of information for us, but the aim is mainly to keep track of the project. Blogs stays forever, aren’t they?

Blogs addresses:

Network Algorithm and Statistics: GSOC 2009

Patrick McSweeney


Jeremy Subtil

Gephi Graph Spatialization: GSOC 2009

Helder Suzuki

Julian `flngr` Bilcke

Julian Bilcke

Check their blogs to see progress and details about each project.

To remember, Helder Suzuki is working on Multilevel Force-Directed algorithms, implementing the state of art in Gephi. Quality and layout performances will increase dramatically. Patrick McSweeney is working on the Statistics module, so far this module was cruelly lacking in 0.6 version. He is implementing classical networks algorithms and statistics, design architecture, GUI and the way to present results in reports. Julian Bilcke is dealing with dynamics networks. He is designing a nice Timeline component, API for exploring dynamic structure and attributes and will work on integrate all this in the core. Jeremy Subtil’s work is the Vectorial Preview module. Using Processing lib, he displays the graphs exactly how it will be exported in SVG and propose a variety of parameters. It is a key step for improving user productivity and comfort. He is also volunteer to work on PDF export later, after GSOC.

To conclude I must say again Google Summer of Code is great! It sped up Gephi code and community development a lot, made us connect with talented students, brought to the project legitimacy and made us prepare the future.

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  1. Mid-Term Evaluation…

    This week, there’s a mid-term evaluation for all students GSOCers. This is an opportunity to sum up what I’ve done so far. Until now, I’ve been coding for my project 27 hours. The rewrite of Gephi 0.6’s vectorial preview using Processing is almost…


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