SciencesPo Paris Medialab demo


Last week for the great opening of the SciencesPo Medialab we have been invited to make a special demo of Gephi. Because the exploration of the web is a leading domain of interest for us and SciencesPo, and in addition a technological challenge, we decided to use Gephi to display live web graph.

The device was funny. Three Firefox-based Navicrawler were driven by three web-explorers, actually trying to map a controversy. When browsing, the Firefox extension was sending discovered URLs and links through the network to the server computer running Gephi. There, a tweaked Gephi datasource compiled the results, assigned colors and immediately display the graph.

A clip of the live results. You can see new nodes an links coming dynamically.

Gephi realtime viz of a distributed crawl from gephi on Vimeo.

We are looking forward to continue these experiments and build a stronger architecture in our 0.7 version to facilitate datasource development.

* To learn more about SciencesPo Medialab, please visit official website. Check out Demoscience to learn more about mapping controversies.

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