Back from ICWSM

icwsm-logo_smWe are just back from California where we presented a demo paper at ICWSM’09 conference.

I was impressed at many levels, especially how professional where presentations. More than 47% of papers where done by students, I think this is great. The poster and demo session was highly appreciated by everyone and I think showed the diversity and creativity of students. Pr Jon Kleinberg’s talk was very impressive, notably by its clarity. Network structure and diffusion in one of the topic we like to follow and read about here. We also highly appreciate Pr Watts’s presence for his experience

Experts will be more likely to drive conclusions and highlights about the conference than me. Note that the KDD’09 (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference) in Paris sounds very interesting as well, with connate topics.

ICWSM 2009 Gephi Demo ICWSM 2009 Conference room

Demo was a success, as we received many audience and comments. We tied numerous links to the network and social media research community. As Gephi is open-source, needless to say we count on international support and collaboration to build a better tool. Effort is made to be compatible with other file format but more must be done to help users to work with network data more easily. I think we are doing well, as 0.7 version will be based on a modular framework.

Well, very positive. Rendezvous next year.

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