Advanced features demo

Gephi allows users to easily customize the visual style and the way nodes and edges appears. Filters bring the control of node size and color, and styles let us change background color, type of objects and edges. Labels are customizable in a fine way : users can select font, color, transparency, shadow and set their size according to the node the are related to. Furthermore, most of our implemented algorithms don’t use the Z axis, but some do, like Stairizer used in this demo.

This video presents advanced functionalities in 5 steps :

1. Spatializing a semantic graph on genetics take on a case study with the Stairizer algorithm
2. Changing the style of the background and the edges
3. Filtering the nodes (ordering by a node attribute) to improve lisibility
4. Tweaking labels rendering and positioning by a Label Adjust
5. Exploring the 3D graph

Watch it in HD
Download AVI version (30MB)

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