Rich SVG Export

I would like to present some new enhancements for SVG Export. Developments are very active in this branch, thanks to strong needs coming from Webatlas studies.

Interpreting complex networks remains a challenge and though our tool is designed in this aim, exporting (and in some cases printing) network maps is often necessary.

Rich SVG Export

New settings panel with preview window: It improves user experience with allowing editing many design parameters and seeing directly the result. WYSIWYG in a sense.
Line and arrow links: Configure them with many settings. In addition to the cuve mode.
White disk: A round shape around the node is drawn to hide edges fror other nodes. It increases readability of the map.
Mini labels: Small labels are shown at extremities of edges to enhance network interpretation.
Better font support: You can either personalize fonts or let the computing use the one from the graph visualization. In this case the SVG exported will look like as the graph window.

Here are some examples of SVG exports:

You can see more networks in the Exhibition section.

The new SVG Exporter will be included in next Gephi release. Additionally it will serve then for the creation of a PDF exporter.

In addition of this presentation here is a list of software able to edit SVG Files. The most known and powerful tools are Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. They can also create PDF in output.

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