Gephi dynamic demo

While this video is getting popular I uploaded it on Vimeo in order to share it.
Gephi – Dynamic demo from gephi on Vimeo.

Here are some clues how it has been generated:
– First I had a words network of 6600 expressions clustered in 117 clusters.
– I chose 4 clusters and moved them to a separate space.
– I exported the corresponding GEXF file.
– I created a new simple datasource. Its aim was to take a GEXF in input and send five nodes every 500 milliseconds to the workspace. Hence when started the datasource simulates nodes arriving from an external program.
– Before starting the datasource I launched a Force Atlas spatialization algorithm with speed set at 1.
– I started the simple datasource and recorded the video.

With the datasource I’ve been talking it is possible to do this kind of demo with any network.

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